On Darwin, Politics and the End of Civility…


Not as young, not as lean; just as tough and twice as mean!!!

Ah, yes… Another day in Paradise.

Darwin posited that any population that is isolated from others will eventually take on characteristics, behaviors and appearance unique to that population. The isolated population will, invariably, evolve into a different species and, in extreme cases, will eventually lose the ability to breed with those outside of their population. Even within a species sub-species will form as adaptions to cope with or take advantage of conditions in their territory. Darwin documented this phenomenon based on his observation of the various species of finches on the atolls of the Galapagos. It is well known and accepted that the myriad species on our planet possess senses and capabilities suited to their ecological niche. Many birds have vision that far exceeds anything that even the most keen eyed homo sapiens could imagine. Many insects perceive the world in a totally different spectrum than we humans and the ability of bats to echo locate is barely comprehensible to most of us. So it can be said with fair certainty that a population in isolation from others of its kind will inevitably diverge from the root strain over time. I propose that we are witnessing such a divergence among our own population on a daily basis.

If one is so inclined to actually observe the news of the day, by print, computer or broadcast, one will notice a disturbing trend in what passes for discourse between the polar opposites that is our political system.

Speaker John Boehner

House Speaker John Boehner (R)

Mr Obama

Each side has become so isolated from the other that the way we see, hear and speak has diverged to the point that neither extreme can accurately sense, evaluate or appreciate ANYTHING that the other faction finds so obvious and apparent. Example: The Democrats accuse the Republicans of not caring about jobs because they will not approve Mr. Obama’s jobs bill. They are accused of not being willing to compromise or deal in good faith. Yet, the Republican House has passed 16 pieces of legislation to help create jobs but not one has been brought to the floor of the Senate for consideration because Harry Ried is incapable of seeing anything that reflects the Republican perspective.
A Harry Reid "Hello"

Sen Harry Reid - We get it, Harry.



A Republican or even a conservative Democrat talking to Harry might as well be talking to a cat. There is just no common language. Where is the harm in debating the bills in good faith, Harry? It is as if his intellectual spectrum has been shifted such that he has lost the ability to process anything that does not coincide with his own political set. This is only an example and not at all unique. The lack of politically perceptive acuity is epidemic in DC.

OWS Protester doing what he does best... Would you hire this schmuck?

We can see it in the Occupy Wall Street protesters. They can not see that it is not the rich that exploits them but their own government. Nothing happens in this country without the tacit approval of Washington, DC!!!

Barney Frank

Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer were the authors of the housing bubble, not the banks. Such a financial debacle does not enrich the bankers so where is the pay-off.

Chris Dodd

It is in the buying of votes by Liberal politicians. But most on the left have lost the ability to see into that end of the spectrum. I suppose that I have been affected, also. I feel that I have been forced to take a right-leaning stance because the alternative was just too unpalatable.

Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer

I can no longer see the “Income Redistribution” as a positive social exercise. My spectrum casts such exercises in the same shade and hue as armed robbery. I have come to embrace the “Give a man a fish…” paradigm where it is better to promote an environment where those who desire it can do work and reap the rewards of their labors. I accept that we are not all endowed by our Creator with equal ability. I ain’t no dummy but I couldn’t manage a hot-dog stand but I can write “Hot Dog Stand” management software!!! There is no guarantee that what you choose to study in college or pursue as a vocation will have any relevance, demand or opportunity by the time you get the the point of actually doing it. If you have your heart set on making buggy whips, be prepared to search for a niche market. Just don’t ask me to subsidize you. There is no nobility in poverty. You may have to shovel a lot of manure before you sell your first whip… but you will do it on your own. Just don’t cry if the guy down the street who developed the next hot computer game makes a billion dollars while you still have to shovel manure to make ends meet. It is not unfair or unjust and he/she doesn’t owe you shit!

It amazes and amuses that such similar looking individuals can see and hear the same things yet perceive them in entirely opposite ways. In truth, when we, the common folk, do engage in political debate, we tend to use the illogical and flamboyant rhetoric of the DC species. It is akin to dogs arguing with horses by meowing like cats or bleating like sheep. But they are NOT our LEADERS; they are our REPRESENTATIVES!!! How can Mr Obama call the Republicans the “Party of NO” when his party will not even allow open debate on measures in the Senate??? To be fair, I do not think there is anyone in Washington, DC who is blameless.

Sixth Term Senator???

As I stated in my opening, isolation causes a divergence within a species. The hostile, heady and alien environment of Washington, DC, with its virtually unlimited waves of power and money, is akin to living in a radiation polluted environment with its attendant mutations and deformities. Some are blind in their “RIGHT” eye and some in their “LEFT” and most can not see what is in front of them; but all are blind to some degree. The denizens of DC have diverged from the vast majority of our citizenry. They seem to have lost the ability to see what we see and hear what we hear. I have used the Left as a foil in this piece and I apologize for not including the foibles of those on the other side of the aisle, but I can’t see there…

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  1. Steve Traudt says:

    Fuck Harry Reed, he should be shot for Treason…..not given shitloads of moeney for fukin us over………….they should print hisreirement out on paper stick it where the sun wont shine and send im to Gitmo for va-cay

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