Touchdown!!! And the crowd goes wild!!!

The big bird got in to Saigon at 10:05 PM, Thursday, local time.  My home is in the Eastern Time Zone which is 11 hours ahead of Saigon time.  My heart was racing, in a good way, as I cleared customs and buggy-lugged my bags out of the terminal to find my friends.  (One quick word on the terminal:  it is incredible.  As modern and efficient and visually impacting as any I have ever seen.)

I spotted Bao and Nghia in the crowd holding a sign with my name,  (spelled correctly, I might add) but Bao spotted me and rushed forward with Nghia in tow.  We hugged and damned near cried when I saw Nhan, Lan and Nhi, Nhan’s foster daughter.  Lon was holding a bouquet of flowers.  Last time I was here they threw grenades, not posies.  We took a hire-car to Bao and Nghia’s house then on to my hotel, the “Hotel Galaxy”, a nice, brand new, hotel in Ba Ria near Nhan’s.

Everyone has been open and friendly.  The Vietnamese I have met have been the most open and amicable people I have come across.  Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that I feel better, stronger and in better spirits than I have in years…

Stay tuned…  They are throwing a party of welcome tonight…  Film at 11???

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