1 Day and a Wake-Up…

It is Monday and I do not think I will sleep again until I am on the plane, Wednesday.  I got a call, yesterday, from SFC Jimmy Booth.  Jimmy was my mentor, platoon sergeant, team leader and one of the finest and fiercest warriors I have ever known.  We hadn’t talked for a couple of years, falling into the impersonal e-mail trap, and he calls out of the blue two days before I am to revisit the crucible.  Then, Bob C., from Dumont High, called.  Interesting.

I’m not quite packed.  I have one suitcase filled with “goodies” for my friends and their families.  I tend to over-pack.  Do I need four digital cameras?  How many hats can I wear?  Oh, well.

I am giddy at the prospect of seeing these wonderful, wonderful people again.  I do have one serious concern…  I have not had a drink in over 23 years.  I just have to think of my family and stick to bottled water!

Gotta run…


I have to do a shift as a poll watcher for the early voting primaries today.    We should make it simple and VOTE ‘EM ALL OUT!!!

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